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Source: Brave. Brave surpassed yet another milestone this year, reaching the number of 8 million monthly active users. The news was followed with a surge in the price of their native Basic Attention Token (BAT).. The price is up by c.. Hello my Brave and BAT friends :) Today I've got 3 tidbits of some interesting and exciting news regarding our beloved BAT and Brave project! I know the title for this post might be a little tricky, but I'm about to explain what it means and that it'.. BAT News: Brave Browser Releases Trial Version of Video Conferencing Solution. Close. 2 6 62. Posted by 6 months ago. Brave/BAT should be going places. Next stop 50m users eoy 2021. Would be awesome to see even more community support in videos like these. It has roughly half a million views and over 1300 comments as of this post. 140 Basic Attention Token (BAT) Skyrockets on Brave Browser News and Coinbase Speculation. by Cole Petersen. 2 years ago. in Cryptocurrency news. Reading Time: 2min read Over the past month, Bitcoin's price has been caught in an unprecedented trading range, trading between $6,200 and $6,700

BAT Price Jumps on Brave's News of 8m Monthly Active User

Have you noticed that Brave community behind Basic Attention Token (BAT) is working hard lately on its projects? They have a lot of news lately which I tackle some of it, that they joined the BAT-BAKE LP in Bakerswap.org and my other news article which is they will going to launch their Brave Search Engine to compete with Google that has the advantage of being a privacy centered search engine Basic Attention Token (BAT), the native token to Brave privacy browser, explores multiple blockchains as a part of its Themis initiative and is now also available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as wrapped BAT.BAT holders can use numerous bridges that connect Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain to participate in the DeFi ecosystem on BSC Brave Browser News & How To Earn Free BAT TokensIn today's video I discuss some big news for basic attention token holders & users of the Brave browser. I'll.. Brave is implementing a free video call function into their popular Brave browser: Together with news about the incoming brave search those are very Hold on to your BAT, great news from Brave. PRIVACY. Brave is implementing a free video call function into their popular Brave browser:. BAT has seen stunning results since its integration into the Brave browser's first global private ad platform: 25.4 million monthly active users, 9.2 million daily active users, 1 million verified creators accepting BAT, millions of wallets created, thousands of ad campaigns with leading brands, and growing utility in the most innovative names in blockchain gaming

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At Brave, we want to make crypto usable and defi accessible for everyone, and towards that end we are excited to share the progress we have made since we published the BAT Roadmap 2.0 in February 2021 BAT Roadmap 2.0: UPDATE #1 — Progress on Brave Wallet, Brave DEX Aggregator, THEMIS, Community, Partnerships. NEW Brave Wallet UI mockup photos inside! At Brave, we want to make crypto usable and defi accessible for everyone, and towards that end we are excited to share the progress we have made since we published the BAT Roadmap 2.0 in February 2021 Brave browser is the first client and gateway to utility for the BAT token. Brave's browser wallet supports Ethereum and BSC via a change in the configuration of the wallet. With BAT on BSC, the original token can be exchanged for a BSC-based BAT token of equal value. Brave is now planning to preconfigure support for BSC later this year

BAT is one of the most widely utilized tokens, with over 1M verified publishers accepting BAT from Brave Rewards users. The April 2019 introduction of Brave Ads delivered on the promise of BAT rewards for user attention, and has grown to serve over 2.5K ad campaigns from over 400 advertisers in +190 countries Home/ BAT News BAT News. What is Brave Publisher Ads? Do you run a website? You can serve privacy-respecting ads to your users by enrolling in the Brave Publisher Ads.

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This guide provides a complete extensive guide and analysis of BAT Price Prediction for 2021, 2022, 2023, and beyond. Let's briefly look at what Basic Attention Token is. At its historical background before we get through the Price Prediction of BAT and address questions about whether BAT is a successful investment or not, why BAT will succeed or fail, or whether BAT prices would rise or. The Brave browser is a fast, private and secure web browser for PC, Mac and mobile. Download now to enjoy a faster ad-free browsing experience that saves data and battery life by blocking tracking software On today's episode of The Cryptoverse I've got some good news for any of your holders of the Basic Attention Token which I think you'll appreciate. Links.. Complete Review: https://www.coinbureau.com/review/basic-attention-token-bat/ FREE Giveaway: https://www.coinbureau.com/promo/giveaway~~~~~..

BAT News: Brave Browser Releases Trial Version of Video

  1. BAT can be bought through its partner Uphold.com or by using the Brave wallet to convert the BTC or ETH cryptocurrency to it. At the same time, BAT is an ERC-20 token which means that it can be stored in ERC20 compatible wallets. BAT tokens are available for trading on crypto exchanges such as Coinbase and Poloniex
  2. Brave Attention Token (BAT) is basically ERC20 token which is based on Ethereum blockchain technology. The main focus of the founder of BAT coin was to disrupt the online advertising domain with the span of time BAT become the most popular in the crypto market.. In this article, Ripple coin News Team will discover the best BAT wallets.The Brave internet browser exactly knows and tracks where.
  3. Altcoin News: Brave Web Browser Now Supports BAT Rewards for iOS Users. by Tom Nyarunda November 13, 2019 May 14, 2020. written by Tom Nyarunda November 13, 2019 May 14, 2020. iPhone users were excluded in the past due to technical issues; The move will increase BAT's user base
  4. Decrypt quotes Brave CEO and co-founder Brendan Eich as saying one of the platform's goals is to make tokens and crypto easy to use for all of our users. The decentralized exchange Brave plans to create could help achieve this goal by enabling users to exchange BAT and other assets at lower fees, and with better user interface and security
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Basic Attention Token (BAT) Skyrockets on Brave Browser

A day after Brave Software, the development team behind Brave Browser, the client facing, privacy-focused browser, announced the launch of Brave 1.0, the Basic Attention Token (BAT) has soared to news intra-day highs, adding 6.8 percent in the last day against the green back. The token is also up against Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) Interestingly, Brave Together is being released at a time when the Brave browser has recorded tremendous growth in terms of new users and business partnerships. The Brave browser as we previously reported had over eight million active users globally in October 2019 (14 million now), and recently partnered with leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance to offer a widget for purchasing. These aside, Brave, the blockchain company behind BAT has taken significant steps of recent to ensure that its publishers are duly rewarded for their efforts. In April 2019, there were as many as 80,000 publishers in the Brave Verified Publisher program who create content for users of the Brave browser in return for a commission of 70 percent of the ad revenue generated through their content BAT-USD is a utility token built on the Ethereum (CCC: ETH-USD) blockchain and is the token underpinning the Brave web browser.Brave allows users to browse the internet anonymously and completely. Home News Brave integrates its BAT token on Binance Smart Chain. News; Brave integrates its BAT token on Binance Smart Chain. By. coinspy-March 21, 2021. 0. Share. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. Linkedin. Telegram. 201 total views

Hello my friends, BRAVE GREATNEWS. I hope you have a good day and that you embrace fully the flow of life. In this episod, I have great NEWS for YOU about Brave Browser : CPU and energt optimization on Android for Brave, and Gemini should add BAT News was about the Citrix leaks. 14. share. Report Save. By clicking on ads you aren't interested in you actually harm the BAT/Brave ecosystem in many ways, most notably: Publishers of ads end up seeing a high click through rate and a low engagement/usage of what they are advertising

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  1. Basic Attention Token (BAT) Skyrockets on Brave Browser News and Coinbase Speculation. October 22, 2018. 1. Over the past month, Bitcoin's price has been caught in an unprecedented trading range, trading between $6,200 and $6,700
  2. Basic Attention Token (BAT) Blockchain Based Digital Advertising Brave Software February 10, 2021 Abstract Digital advertising is broken. The marketplace for online advertising, once domi-nated by advertisers, publishers and users, has become overrun by \middleman ad exchanges, audience segmentation, complicated behavioral and cross-device use
  3. BAT News: Phishing Scam Targets Brave Users With Fake Bounty. November 23, 2019 Leave a comment. Fraudsters are targeting the users of Basic Attention Token (BAT) in a new fraud that aims to phish for private keys of the users. in an email seen by Cryptoinfowatch titled,.

Brave (BAT) Joins the BSC Ecosystem To Accelerate DeFi

This free BAT is given out by Brave from their User-Growth-Pool (UGP), which is intended for promoting the Brave platform. Thus, this free BAT cannot be withdrawn to your own wallet for personal use. And as such, this free BAT can only be used towards donating to your favorite websites, YouTubers, or Twitch streamers (more platform support coming soon) Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the latest altcoin to surge as Bitcoin trades sideways, (BAT) Skyrockets on Brave Browser News and Coinbase Speculation appeared first on NewsBTC

As for stealing BAT, Eich refutes the claim, and clarifies that Brave can only clawback BAT tokens granted from the UGP that go unused - a user's imported BAT cannot be accessed in any way. We're not going to hold a potential grant in limbo forever waiting for it to be used, Eich explained Brave's Basic Attention Token (BAT) has historically been fairly volatile, so it's worthy of being extra cautious if you're planning to buy into the market. Brave held an ICO in May 2017 to fund the development of their advertising platform and the Basic Attention Token that powers it. It became one of the fastest and hottest ICO sales ever recorded, having sold its entire 1-billion BAT token. Brave's Basic Attention Token (BAT) is now part of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem, according to a blog post from Brave.. BAT on Binance Smart Chain. According to Brave, BAT is now available as a wrapped token on BSC. BAT is natively built on the Ethereum blockchain and continues to circulate on that chain. This news simply means that the original token can be exchanged for a BSC.

Advertisers need to buy and pay with bat to advertise to people using brave which is intended to be the bulk of the demand. It's good they have their own token rather than using ETH since it can have it's own price rather than the whole system be effected by the price of eth, works in with their l2 and makes measuring the metrics of attention very transparent and simple to all parties involved Brave acts transparently in this section, clearly showing all transactions on a page as seen here. On April 20, 380 thousand units were sold from the Basic Attention Token (BAT), the token used in the Brave system, for 66 thousand 235 dollars. In March, a total of 906 thousand Brave tokens were sold Altcoin News Brave Pays Users in BAT to Watch Video Advertisements Nick Marinoff · November 14, 2019 · 1:00 pm. Crypto is great all by itself, but if you can get paid in it,. BAT Brave web news!!!!! $5 whales Are here!!! Congrats!!! The Brave web browser now has over 30 million monthly active users and the firm is introducing a new feature, called Playlist, on iOS

What is: Basic Attention Token (BAT)? The Basic Attention Token, or BAT for short, is a utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 token) which serves as a billing unit for the blockchain-based advertising platform. The platform aims to revolutionize the online advertising industry by eliminating middlemen, protecting users' privacy, reducing ad fraud and sharing revenue with users Brave Offer Support for P2P IPFS Protocol. Brave announced the news via a communique issued on Tuesday (Jan. 19, 2021). According to the press release, Brave has integrated the IPFS protocol on its privacy-focused browser service. Based on the news, Brave's 24 million monthly active users can now access IPFS URLs directly from their browser

BAT, the token set to reward users of the Brave browser for viewing adverts, is one of a few coins that showed green last week when others didn't. Despite last week's price slump, BAT is up 3.92 percent across the last seven days and up over five percent in the past day. BAT's performance has been as volatil Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency founded by Brendan Eich in 2017. It is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to revolutionize the digital advertising industry by directly connecting advertisers, content creators and viewers together.. The team over at BAT aim to create a new form of digital advertising space that fairly rewards content creators and the viewers of. Basic Attention Token (BAT), Brave privacy browser's native token is now available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as wrapped BAT. With the native token, holders will be able to connect Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Users can also access the Binance smartchain without downloading new apps or creating new wallets. Brave's browser wallet currently supports Ethereum and BSC Brave Browser News - After Reaching 10 Million Downloads, Brave Secures New Partner and Introduces Trial Ad Program The privacy focused web browser, Brave, which is dedicated to keeping user information and data private and secure. As an alternative to the more well-known browsers, Brave provides a series of built-in privacy support features which allow [

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In this guide, we will voice our own and market's opinion on BAT future while discussing BAT price forecast for 2021 and beyond. Please bear in mind that you should take this and any other prediction with a grain of salt since predicting anything is a thankless task, let alone predicting the future of a novel, highly volatile financial asset like Basic Attention Token BAT on Binance Smart Chain. According to Brave, BAT is now available as a wrapped token on BSC. BAT is natively built on the Ethereum blockchain and continues to circulate on that chain. This news simply means that the original token can be exchanged for a BSC-based BAT token of equal value Good news! The new Brave tipping banner is now available with the latest desktop browser update. This new banner makes the experience of tipping your favorite Brave-verified publishers and creators easy and on brand. Even better, it never bugs your audience and is only shown when they want to initiate a BAT tip Recent figures show the adoption rate of the Brave browser and the number of content creators linking to the platform continues to climb. In the last 30 days alone, usage has increased by over 17% and means over 600,000 have now registered to be able to receive tips from their readers and followers in the form of the browser's native Basic Attention Token (BAT)

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Brave Software International SEZC held 500,000,000 BAT itself and it distributed another 300,000 BAT to new users. The name of the token itself tells the story; BAT and Brave track the attention of the users which is recorded only on the user's device (PC, Smartphone), unlike other browsers which send it to the company's database and use it, for selling or any other thing BAT Price Live Data. The live Basic Attention Token price today is $0.705631 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $257,316,139 USD.. Basic Attention Token is down 7.55% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #75, with a live market cap of $1,055,634,436 USD Brave, an open-source blockchain-based decentralized internet browser, has launched tipping services for its Twitter users. In an announcement on Aug. 1, Brave discussed that the public launch was aimed at providing native Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) to reward engaging content creators. Once the users specify the amount they wish to tip a particular Twitter account, [ The Brave browser now has well over three million monthly active users. And, there are more than 18,000 Brave verified publishers. The BAT team consists of some heavy hitters - one of the most notable being Brendan Eich, the founder and chief visionary

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That's right: Brave users can actually earn revenue in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT) by opting to view anonymous, privacy-preserving ads. The company's ad network, which launched in November 2019, provides users with an option to watch these anonymous ads, before being paid in BAT Basic Attention Token (BAT), ranked 29th by market capitalization, is green throughout following the news of Brave launching version 1.0 of its privacy-focused browser. BAT, the native token of Brave, the first decentralized browser based on blockchain technology that lets users earn tokens as they browse, is seeing a lot of green today. At the [

Brave Reaches News Highs. In another development pertaining to the privacy-centric web browser, Brave co-founder and CEO, Brendan Eich tweeted that the browser's user base had increased to 12.2 million every month. Further, the browser also has a healthy figure of four million daily active users Product manager at blockchain-enabled internet browser startup Brave Browser, Alex Wykoff, announced that users using the latest software release will be able to withdraw their BAT tokens in a post on Brave's community forum published on July 24. A new feature in the nightly builds Per the announcement, users of the last nightly (unstable, in-development) [ Brave Software announced the official launch of its popular privacy-centric web browser Brave. Meanwhile, several technical indicators estimate that its native crypto, Basic Attention Token (BAT), could be bound for a further bullish impulse. Brave 1.0 is her

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Brave now adds to the list of popular Ethereum platforms that have migrated to the BSC network for some reasons that include cheaper transaction fees. BAT Monthly Users Surpass $3 Million. BAT is one cryptocurrency with fast-growing demand. It's the utility token of Brave Browser, which sees over 25 million monthly active users (MAU) Basic Attention Token (BAT) came into the scene as an Ethereum token that aims to revolutionize the digital ad industry. Recent BAT crypto news has revealed that the digital currency has what it takes to get mass adoption. Many enthusiasts have referred to it as the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019, but others believe Holo crypto stands a better chance In the past few months, Internet browser Brave has really come into its own, especially for the crypto community. Last month the browser and its associated token Basic Attention Token (BAT) released screenshots of their project, which would make the digital advertising space a little more balanced for users and content creators.. At the time, Brendan Eich, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and co. Once activated, it'll serve ads that you can view to earn a digital token called BAT. The company behind the browser, Brave Software, won't begin rolling out the actual token rewarding for another. Brave and BAT Teams Organize AMA On Reddit. The Brave and BAT teams have been organizing a series of question and answer sessions on Reddit. The latest AMA session was held last week with Dr Johnny Ryan, the Brave's Chief Policy and Industry Relations Officer featured in the session

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BRAVEBOAT 570. Braveboat 570 är lillasyster i båtfamiljen. Denna båten lämpar sig lika bra på insjön som i havet. Denna modell är vår storsäljare i Sverige då den är lättare att transportera och kan förflyttas med ett enkelt B-körkort Brave now boasts more than 19 million monthly active users and has grown significantly over the course of 2020. In June, the company said it had 15 million monthly active users, which was a significant leap over the 10 million reported in December 2019.. During 2020, the browser—which blocks advertisements and tracking by default and allows users to opt into Brave's own ads in exchange for. Today's big pump is BAT which has jumped 16% to $0.240 on the day. A new Brave browser release with BAT integrated for tipping websites was launched a couple of days ago which is driving momentum now. Additionally Brave Rewards, which allows publishers and content creators to earn BAT crypto payments based on the time that users spend on their websites, has entered beta testing and is. BAT Brave news!!! Most successful Altcoin! Up we go!! See ya at $5+ And BTC to $65k! And COIN ipo boom!!! Cause BAT trade very high on Coinbase!! BAT - the crypto asset for the new Internet economy The $330 billion digital advertising industry is failing users, publishers and advertisers Brave đi kèm với một ví BAT có sẵn, ví này cho phép người dùng hỗ trợ các trang web yêu thích. Người dùng có thể tải ví và phân bố một lượng BAT được chỉ định cho các trang web ưa thích, ví có thể được nạp thông qua Bitcoin , Litecoin, Ethereum và BAT token

Furthermore, the upgrades to performance improvements, Brave has made some changes to its BAT reward system to be more perceptive. The Brave team commented saying: Brave Rewards replaces Brave Payments with improved usability, more visibility, and new features. With this release, Brave Rewards enters beta Brave (BAT) Now #1 Browser in Japan, Team Discusses Fingerprint Security Update Reading Time: 2 minutes by Aisshwarya Tiwari on May 20, 2020 Altcoins Ever since its inception in 2016, Brave has attracted millions of users worldwide seeking private, ad-free browsing

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Source: Twitter, @brave. The first decentralized browser based on blockchain technology that lets users earn tokens as they browse, Brave, is testing a new feature for tipping tweets with Brave Rewards. For users of our Nightly desktop version, we're testing a new feature for tipping tweets with Brave Rewards Brave will add support for Uphold to its wallet, which will allow users to transfer crypto-assets between user's Uphold account, Brave Rewards, and Crypto Wallets. Brave's long-term plan is to eventually integrate Crypto Wallets with Brave Rewards directly. Thus, it won't rely on Uphold's custodial wallet for private key management Brave-webbläsaren och dess ursprungliga Basic Attention Token (BAT) är ett av de mest revolutionerande koncepten inom digital digitalannonsering hittills. Den här integritetsförbättrade webbläsaren blir allt populärare och folk laddar ner den i sina grupper. De använder också belöningar i webbläsaren för att tjäna BAT i utbyte mot deras uppmärksamhet och därmed ytterligare öka. BAT Price Prediction 2021. There are some prerequisites that have helped the price of the BAT asset rise above one dollar in 2021. So, in mid-March, BAT was listed on the Japanese Bitbank exchange, which strengthened the position of the token in the market Brave Browser Announces BAT Rewards Feature. On Tuesday, Brave Browser, a crypto-friendly internet application headed by the founder of Mozilla Firefox, Brendan Eich, made a surprising announcement, seemingly aiming to start of 2019 with a proverbial bang

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Brave will soon compensate users who view ads with BAT tokens. This has been promised since the project's inception, but Eich revealed several new details today: Users will opt-in to ad rewards and will get as much BAT as Brave gets — 15% to the user, 15% to Brave, and 70% to the advertiser. If we go bad, users will bolt and we'll lose Brave browser is a decentralized web browser. The firm recently disclosed this development on its official site. According to the announcement, 70 percent of the revenue generated from the ads will share through Basic Attention Token (BAT) Brave Browser is a great experience on mobile or desktop - it blocks ads, loads pages 2x-6x faster than competing browsers, it looks pretty, and users have been flocking to it in droves.. The unique selling point, of course, is that it enables users to earn Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for viewing ads. There's just one small problem Brave, a Blockchain-based internet browser, recently launched a currently being developed cryptocurrency wallet for Ethereum tokens. On Aug. 27, Brave discussed about the continuing work stating that the in-browser wallet will support ether(ETH), Ethereum-based collectibles and tokens, Basic Attention Token (BAT) (Brave's native ERC-20 token) Before Coinbase decided to put Basic Attention Token (BAT) among the assets they are exploring, the cryptocurrency has been performing in the space. Now, the Brave Browser, which rewards users with BAT, has reached a milestone of 10 Million Download on Google Play store. This is a giant milestone for BAT, which appears not so popular until Coinbase mentioned it is exploring it

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Until now, users in Japan could not received BAT tokens due to local regulations. Instead, the browser gave them BAT points, which they could use to tip creators for sharing their content. However, thanks to the partnership between the browser and the Japan-based crypto exchange bitFlyer, Brave users will soon be able to start receiving BAT tokens for viewing ads through the browser Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency designed to power the Brave internet browser. Brave is a blockchain-based browser that provides a pay-to-surf payment system. The browser is based on Chromium, and was created by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and a co-founder of the Mozilla project BATGrowth is monitoring Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token (BAT) adoption : Number and lists of publishers, of holders, growth graphs and other metric

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Brave's native cryptocurrency the basic attention token (BAT) posted 250% gains in the first quarter of 2019. Source: Coinmarketcap For example, Archive.org, one of the biggest websites in the world and which receives millions of visits per day, received a measly $2,500 in micropayments from users of the Brave website Also, although Brave and BAT seem to presently work well, there is no guarantee of long-term viability. The token itself will need to find use far beyond the browser in order to hold any value, which will be difficult as competition for mainstream crypto adoption heats up. Also, because Brave is open source, copycats are sure to emerge Brave Made Record Purchases of BAT Tokens. Brave bought 534,441 Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) three days before. This happened a day before Brave revealed collaboration with TAP Network, which facilitates exchanging of BAT into gift cards from hundreds of top national brands.. Brave rewards 70% of its advertisement revenues with users of its browser Brave (BAT) Tests Encrypted Video Calling Features Reading Time: 2 minutes by Aisshwarya Tiwari on May 28, 2020 Altcoins Brave browser, arguably the world's most-widely used crypto-based platform, announced on May 26 that video-calling capabilities are now a part of the browser Read writing from Basic Attention Token on Medium. Every day, Basic Attention Token and thousands of other voices read, write, and share important stories on Medium

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The Brave Browser has quickly amassed a user base of over 5.5 million active users per month. The web browser uses BAT to pay publishers and content creators, through tips by users and fans. Users can also earn BAT from Ad viewership. Brave and BAT were designed by Brendan Eich, the brain behind JavaScript and Firefox Browser's founder Brave Browser, the privacy-preserving web browser project powered by the Basic Attention Token (BAT), has announced the launch of Mjolnir, a tool the team says facilitates the deployment and benchmarking of implementations on the Ethereum blockchain, according to a blog post on May 11, 2020.. Brave (BAT) Unveils Mjolnir. As part of larger plans to establish an entirely decentralized privacy. For its sale, Brave created its own coin — The Basic Attention Token, or BAT — and sold one billion of them. That collection of BAT cost 156,250 ETH, which is just over $35 million Brave Is Looking to Expand Further with Fundraising of About $30M to $50M - How Will the Price of Basic Attention Token Respond to this Expansion. Brave could be trying to amass a significant amount of money very soon. Back in 2017, the firm was able to raise $35 million in less than sixty seconds Brave 浏览器将引入基于区块链的代币体系和经济激励机制,实现对中间环节的去中介化,实现高效精准的广告传播,进而为内容生产者增收,用户也将因此获得更好的访问速度和更好的隐私、安全保护。其愿景是要用微小支付和收益共享解决方案来让用户于内容发Brave, BAT, Basic Attention Toke Meer ondersteuning voor Brave Wallet. Brave liet gisteren dus op hun blog en op Twitter weten dat de BAT-token nu beschikbaar is op de Binance Smart Chain. Daarover zei Brave het volgende: BAT is nu ook beschikbaar op de Binance Smart Chain (BSC), waardoor houders kunnen deelnemen aan het opkomende DeFi-ecosysteem

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